DuChateau Floors Vintage Remains Iron Rust

DuChateau Floors Vintage Remains Iron RustDuchateau Flooring

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DuChateau Floors Vintage Remains Iron Rust pays homage to the look and feel of reclaimed timbers found in an antique structure. The unique combination between axe hatch marks, which accentsuate its rustic character result into unparalleled elegance with authenticity that can’t be found anywhere else!

The company’s proprietary process for creating these floors includes using colored oils and an aging technique. The result is four distinct looks that are perfect in any space, with each plank having a micro-beveled edge as well hand sculpting by axe treatments which give them the appearance of reclaimed timbers found at antique structures

The straight-grained trees found only within large stands make up what we call “straight” lumber; these thick planks offer an extremely dull appearance with coarse pores opening up everywhere on their surface making them appear almost furry at times! The hardest type comes from northeastern areas where there’s more dense Forestation leading down south into central regions where you’ll find thinner concentrations but still plenty for your needs–and if not satisfied simply move onto something else


Common Name: European Oak

Janka Rating: 1360

Wide: 7-7/16

Lenght: 72 inches

Thickness 5/8″

Wear Layer: 4mm

Treatment: Aged, Proprietary Colored Oils

Face: Axe Treatment with Micro Beveled Edge

Grade: Aged Character

Finish: All Natural Hard-Wax Oil

Construction: Engineered

Installation Methods: Glue Down, Nail Down, Staple or Floating

Radiant Heating: Yes

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Brand DuChateau
Color Tone Medium
Flooring Type Engineered Hardwood
Grade Clear to Rustic Grade
Radiant Heat Yes
Species European Oak
Surface Hand-Distressed, Heavy Wire Brushed
Wear Layer 4mm


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