Donar Oak Naturally Aged Flooring Austin TX

Donar Oak Naturally Aged Flooring Austin TXNaturally Aged Flooring


Brand Naturally Aged Flooring
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 Donar Oak Naturally Aged Flooring Austin TX


Donar Oak Naturally Aged Flooring Austin TX. "Donar Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring brings to your space the exceptional durability of engineered hardwood planks, and the timeless elegance of European White Oak.

A splendid blend of light golden tones, these engineered hardwood planks make tasteful display of the distinctive knots and character that make European White Oak the preferred flooring choice of architects and designers.

Donar Oak hardwood planks feature a multi-ply core that maximizes the superior strength of the European White Oak, rendering floors with exceptional stability and durability.

The generous 7-1/2” width of Donar Oak, allows the planks to show off more of the wood’s unique grain, creating a timeless look. The boards are manufactured with random lengths ranging from 2 – 6 ft., and designed with micro-beveled edges that create subtle, yet visually pleasant definition between planks, adding dimension to the floor.

Each Donar Oak board is individually wire-brushed to accentuate the natural grain of the European White Oak, adding character to your floor while offering a high-end look. A low gloss finish, masterfully applied to each board, brings out, with fine transparency, the original beauty of the wood, while effectively providing an added measure of protection to your floors.

Exclusively crafted for Donar Oak, matching moldings available in 8 ft. lengths. These moldings add a touch of finesse to the area, ensuring that the surface has a continuous look with smooth transitions from room to room, and especially from the hardwood flooring to other types of flooring.

Highly functional, these engineered hardwood boards retain their distinctive qualities and appearance with regular sweeping, dust mopping, and periodic cleaning with an approved hardwood floor cleaner. Donar Oak hardwood flooring is manufactured using EPA/TSCA Title VI compliant materials."


Part No: NG-MC-DO-7.5A

Species: European White Oak | Wire-brushed

Construction: Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Installation Type: Float, Nail Down or Glue

Board Size:9/16" x 7 1/2" Random Lengths 2'-6'

Carton Coverage:23.32 Sq. Ft.





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