Diablo Spring Medallion Collection Austin TX

Diablo Spring Medallion Collection Austin TXNaturally Aged Flooring


Brand Naturally Aged Flooring
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Diablo Spring Medallion Collection Austin TX

Diablo Spring Medallion Collection Austin TX. "Featuring cool hues that create an overall effect of smooth elegance, Diablo Spring Engineered Hardwood Flooring brings to your environment the visual appeal of European White Oak, and the exceptional durability of engineered hardwood planks.

These hardwood planks display a perfected blend of tones that safeguard the original hue of the wood, playing up the grey undertones distinctive of European White Oak, and bringing to the fore its tighter, straight grain pattern and unique look.

Masterfully designed, each hardwood board of Diablo Spring is individually wire-brushed to accentuate the natural grain of the European White Oak, and features a low gloss finish that brings out, with fine transparency, the original beauty of the wood, while effectively concealing scratches and dirt.

A remarkable fusion of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, the hardwood planks of Diablo Spring feature a balanced multi-ply core that maximizes the inherent resilience of European White Oak wood, rendering floors with exceptional stability and impressive durability, always a pleasure to behold.

The generous 7-½” width of these planks, allow them to show off more of the White Oak’s magnificent linear pattern, producing a smooth elegant look with less seams between planks.

Matching moldings for Diablo Spring Hardwood Flooring are available in 8 ft. lengths. A great finishing touch, these moldings provide a continuous look to the area, allowing for smooth transitions, and protecting the areas exposed to wear and tear.

Easy to clean and maintain, Diablo Spring engineered flooring gives you the timeless look of wood, and the confidence to enjoy your new floor, knowing it increases the value of your home."


Part No: NG-MC-DIA-7.5V

Species: European White Oak | Wire-brushed

Construction: Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Installation Type: Float, Nail Down or GlueBoard

Size:9/16” x 7 1/2" Random Lengths 2'-6'

Carton Coverage: 30.27 Sq. Ft.


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