Celestio Hexo Wall Panels

Celestio Hexo Wall PanelsDuchateau Flooring


Brand Duchateau Flooring
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Celestio Hexo Wall Panels

Celestio Hexo Wall Panels. 3D Wood Wall Panels are designed by native of Mexico City and architect Joe Langenauer, who finds architectural beauty in nature’s geometry and brings passion and ingenuity to Duchateau’s exclusive line of luxury wall coverings.

8 different colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect shade for your style!

Suitable for led lighting strip

Species: Oak or Walnut (Defined per color, see matrix)

Grade: Character

Thickness: 15/16″ (23.81 mm) Standard; 2-7/16″ (61.91 mm) with Lighting Standoff

Installation Methods: Construction Adhesive & Screws

Radiant Heating: not-applicable

Surface Texture: Defined per color, see matrix

Cut Pattern: Angled

Coverage/Tile: 2.15 sq. ft. (0.200 m2)*

Install Direction: Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal

Fire Resistant: Optional “Class A Rating” Fire Retardant

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Brand Duchateau Celestio Hexo
Color Tone Dark, Light, Medium
Grade Clear to Rustic Grade
Species American Walnut, Oak
Pattern Angled Hexo


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