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AllWood Hardwood

AllWood Hardwood

You’ve finally reached this point in your life- you’ve bought your first home, moved into your very own apartment, moved out of the dorm room or you’re finally downsizing after all of your kids have left the nest.

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Bamboo Solid and Engineered Flooring

Can a company that produces flooring be both the best at their craft and good? That’s what Allwood, an American hardwood floor manufacturer was determined to find out during this exploration. It’s true our business revolves around wood- which you would assume is pretty important considering how much time we spend working on it every day! You might say though; things are not always as they seem; for while making high quality products should come first (and foremost), What defines us isn’t just where doe sthe raw materials come from or even if each plank has been hand selected by one person versus machine processed

Caring is why we choose to only make products that are responsibly produced, precision crafted, and sustainably made from 100% real wood or bamboo.

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